“Title” By Meghan Trainor Review


Alyssa Leary, Brian Dooley

Besides hitting number 5 on the charts with her new single “Lips are Movin” off her new debut album “Title”, Meghan Trainor is just an ordinary person like everyone else. She was born on the 22nd of December in 1993. She was born and raised on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, where she began making music when she was just seven, and wrote her first song at the age of 11. She played many instruments such as keyboard, guitar, and sang with a local band called “Island Fusion” for four years. Meghan Trainor took a special five-week program at the Berklee College of Music’s Performance. She received excellent grades and even made it to the finals of their songwriting competition. By the time she was 18 years old, Meghan Trainor had self-released three albums of her own material and landed a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music. Yellow Dog Music is known for signing Rascal Flatts, Common Kings, and Sabrina Carpenter. She then decided to sign with Epic Records instead and from there she went off with a boom.

She is commonly known for her hit single “All About That Bass” which is in high debate on whether or not Trainor was shaming skinny women or more of an anthem for loving yourself.

Dear Future Husband is a song about Meghan not wanting to be a stereotypical wife but wanting being treated right by her husband. You will not find Meghan baking apple pies, and cooking, although, she will be buying groceries. She wants simple things like flowers on her anniversary, her husband not to be a dirty-minded husband but a classy-guy.

Title is the ninth track on the album. Trainor discusses how she would like the “Title” of being his girlfriend. She doesn’t want to be known as a friend or some type of one nightstand.

Lips Are Movin’ is about how all men lie. She is not stupid and she is aware of what goes on around her. Although the song is very repetitive, it gets her point across that she can’t be bribed, specifically with diamond earrings.

Close Your Eyes has a similar meaning to the hit “All About Your Bass” in the sense that everyone is equal no matter what you look like. Trainor wants to get the point across that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way no matter what.

On a scale from one to ten we give Meghan Tranior’s new album “Title” a nine out of ten. It is a well-developed album that provides much meaning to female population because of the dominant message of girl power. Most of her songs talk about how she won’t be a stereotypical woman and wants what she wants.