Romance at the Movie Theater: a First Date Mistake


Rachel Lord and Jake Wall enjoy the sunset vista at Talcott Mountain. Taking a hike, allowing daters to talk and get some fresh air, embodies a perfect first date, unlike the cliched movie theater date that prevents couples from interacting. Photo Courtesy of: Instagram

Madison Hoyt, Reporter

Every weekend, thousands of Americans make plans to go out on a Friday or Saturday night with a potential significant other, and decide that the movies is the best destination. However, very few consider how unsuccessfully your typical movie date builds the foundation for a relationship. The main objectives behind dating are to get to know the other person and decide whether they are a candidate for the future title of “girlfriend or “boyfriend”. The movie theater ultimately leaves you with an empty wallet and a better understanding of the latest flick rather than your latest chick. The best way for people to enjoy their date and get to know the other person better is to steer clear of the theaters.

First and foremost, consider the rules of the movie theaters. Obviously, the number one rule is to be quiet. This silent but deadly rule will leave you and your date knowing very little about each other by the end of the night. The need to be quiet in theaters prevents you from holding meaningful conversation because of the expectation that you won’t talk during the movie. Rachel Lord, a senior at Lewis Mills High School, said that her first date to the movies was “kind of awkward” and that there was “very little, not too much” talking between her and her date.

Aside from the rules, it only makes sense that you and your date would choose a movie that you want to see. Therefore, both parties will be thoroughly invested in watching the movie rather than sparking conversation. After asking Hailey Hock, a senior at The Forman School, what her and her date talked about after the movie she said they “talked about hanging out again” even though she didn’t want to.” Ouch! Clearly, the movies is not “first date-worthy” because you leave at the end of the night knowing very little about your date. You may even need to go on another “first date” because your first wasn’t so great.

Secondly, the amount of money spent at the theaters is absurd and excessive. With movie tickets reaching 10 to 11 dollars these days, it is quite the expense just to buy the tickets. In addition, popcorn, candy and soda could add up to another 15 dollars. All together, you are looking at an expensive date that could be avoided with alternatives that don’t cost any money at all. For example, going for a hike, having a  picnic, or cooking a meal together. Senior at Lewis Mills High School, Bridgette Stoughton, said that her first date miniature golfing was “perfect for warm weather” and “could not have been better.” As you can see, date money is too often misspent at the movies, sitting in silence and eating unhealthy food.