Advice Column – 2/25

Sir Pear-ior Advice, Advice Columnist

Dear Spartan Scroll,

All these snow days have really been piling up. I feel like we haven’t been in school very much in January and it’s all going to come back to bite us in June. Life can really suck but hey, why not look at the bright side of things. Stuff like how we don’t have to wait for the bus in cold weather or the fact that we can all sleep in. My homework hasn’t been completed a lot of the time with the days off as well. Is there any way I can do better at doing homework during snow days and still have a good day?

-Miles Stewart Lector


Dear Miles,

It’s good that you’re thinking on the bright side of things, but also be careful with your luck. In June we’re most likely not going to be out very quickly. Now the snowing has died down and I can say that it will most likely not bring many more delays or days off. It all seems sad and dreary now but think about it, in June we’ll all be able to leave for a blissful summer vacation. And then in August or September you get to stay up the night before school started, doing summer work that should be done throughout the summer. About that homework, you should probably do it the day you get it or in a study hall. I wish you the best luck with it my friend as it will be a difficult task to complete. I have faith in you to have fun after homework.