“Cinderella” Review

Photo Courtesy of Google Images.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images.

Maggie Piotrowski, Reporter

As I walked into the Hoyts movie screening, I didn’t know what to really expect. I was invited by a good friend, and was amused by the upbeat vibe of the travel agency’s provided screening. We were provided popcorn and candy, and the Hoyt’s theater’s seats were comfortable and relaxing.

The tale takes place in a happy mansion where a happy merchant’s family lives with their beautiful and kind daughter, Ella (Lily James). When Ella’s mother unfortunately dies, Ella hones her mother’s advice to be kind and courageous and comfortably lives with her father and accepts his new wife, Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett), and her two daughters into her and her father’s life. However, when Ella’s father dies on his travels, her life takes a turn for the worst when her stepmother makes her the personal servant of her and her daughters. Ella’s spirit is not broken, she maintains a kind, generous and gentle heart throughout her stepmother’s mistreatment. Finally, Ella sees a golden opportunity when an announcement is made that every maiden is invited to the royal ball for the prince to choose his bride. Ella is deeply excited to attend, but her stepmother thinks likewise and forbids Ella from attending the ball.  As the tale goes, Ella indeed does go to the ball, with the help of her fairy godmother who transforms her ordinary farm animals and vegetables into a golden carriage and humans. And of course, she transforms Ella’s torn gown and slippers into a beautiful blue gown and glass slippers. When she arrives at the ball, the prince notices her and remembers her from their brief encounter in the woods. He abandons his father and guests to go meet her, and dances with her, setting off Lady Tremaine and her daughter’s jealousy. The night goes well between the prince and Ella, but when the clock strikes 12, she runs from him and leaves him wondering who she really is. As we all now, the prince travels throughout the village, however, with no luck. He finally arrives at Ella’s house, and is about to leave after the slipper does not fit the stepsister’s feet. When he hears Ella’s singing, he insists there is another maiden in the household, even though Lady Tremaine denies this fact. As the classical tale goes, the slipper does, indeed, fit Ella, and the prince and Ella live happily ever after.

This movie is every bit worth your money. Not only did Disney create a beautiful reincarnation of the childhood favorite 1950’s film Cinderella, but it gave the classic tale new meaning and included life morals and lessons. One thing I loved about the movie was the included detail on Ella’s life. In the 1950’s film, we didn’t really know the details about Ella’s mother or her previous life before her stepmother and stepsisters took over her life. In this movie, it provides great detail on Ella’s golden childhood and her caring and kind mother, and her beloved father. It also renewed the magic to the tale, with the amazing pictures, fabulous soundtrack and talented actors. The story includes a lot of the tale’s original elements, such as the mice and the pumpkin, and it also teaches us the valuable advice to get through all of life’s trials: “Have courage and be kind.”