Going to Two Schools? Richer Experience, More Stress

Alexa Majka, Reporter

For some students, sitting in the café at 11:10 am means lunch time, for others, it means it’s time to board the bus.  These students sign out in the office then travel for 45 minutes through winding streets and towns arriving at different campuses.  At 4:15 pm, the school day is finally over and the Academy students commute once again with instruments in tow and extra homework assignments on their to-do lists.

“My personal life has been enhanced by the Academy. I have met many new people, made new friends, and learned a bunch about my art. I’ve also learned certain things about myself that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise,” says Arts Academy student, Caleb Reynolds.

Caleb studies acting in the theater department, and he believes going to both Mills and The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts provides him with a richer life experience.  However, he also points out: “It’s a lot more work. The days are a lot longer and you have less time to get homework done. I usually try to cram in my homework during the day- on the ride to my other school, or on the bus ride home from Hartford. If you’re taking a particularly homework-heavy course, you may have to stay up late to finish it.”

“Most days, my bus brings me to Mills in the middle of my classes and I have to make up test or work.  It’s worth it though.”  Math and Science Academy student Colleen Foley says. Going to two schools can add more stress to one’s life, but it can also be different and exciting.

Guidance counselor Mrs. Jones also says there are advantages and disadvantages to having a split-schedule between schools.  According to her, advantages consist of meeting other people, and exploring or specializing in categories that Lewis Mills cannot offer.  Some disadvantages include the time and travel commitment, and possible extra school work.

Those interested in exploring these other school options can get more information from their guidance counselor or from the Academy website: www.crecschools.org.

Colleen Foley says, “It was a good thing.  Even if I have a bad day at one school I can have a good day at the other.”