• September 26Creative Writing: Acoustic Cafe October 24th 7pm LSM Auditorium

  • September 26Junior and Senior prom is May 11th at the Riverview in Simsbury

  • September 26Homecoming dance, 10/20 from 7-10 pm, $10 admissions

Spartans On Ice? Lewis Mills becomes part of a hockey co-op

Adam Positano

November 19, 2015

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     The opportunity to play hockey at Lewis S. Mills has arrived and this winter a group of Mills  students will be lacing up their skates and hitting the ice as high school hockey players. What was once just a nice thoug...

A Pickle Pickle at Lewis Mills

Jake Ferrari

November 19, 2015

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BURLINGTON, CT -- “This is a modern day tragedy.  This is as bad as it gets.  Lewis Mills is facing a tragedy like no other.”   What is senior Logan Worley so riled up about?  Did a well-liked teacher get ...

Game Night

Game Night

April 15, 2015