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Did President Trump Act Immature and Rude When Visiting Puerto Rico?

Talia Baranowski, Contributing writer

November 14, 2017

Puerto Rico was hit with Hurricane Maria almost two months ago, and is still struggling to get back to normal due to the damage. President Donald Trump visited Puerto Rico on Oct. 3 to address the issue and attempt to help the...

To die with dignity, not degradation

Sophia Hernandes and Allyson Mendez, Contributing writers

May 19, 2017

Before you read this, think of your loved ones. Think of your mom, dad, brother, sister, or your best friend and imagine them being diagnosed with a life-ending disease. Watch as it slowly turns your happy and healthy loved...

What’s Happened To Our Poor Country?

Ben Atlas, Writer/Editor

December 6, 2016

As of Tuesday, Nov. 8, Donald Trump is our President-Elect. As shocking as it may seem, we've elected an unqualified, misogynistic, racist, bigot to be the leader of the free world. Or we've elected an anti-establishment businessm...

These insects are the bee’s knees

Nick McGogh, Contributing writer

May 13, 2016

 Bees. I’m not talking about yellow jackets or hornets that so many ill-informed people claim to be bees as they swat and run for the hills. I am talking 'bout honey bees. These small little insects are the most important agricultural animal on the planet. Living i...

Abercrombie and Fitch: Switching Gears at Last

Geoffrey Gelorme

February 11, 2016

Long time fashion giant Abercrombie and Fitch is ubiquitous among people who hold themselves to a higher standard of style. With that comes selectivity, a characteristic that goes hand-in-hand with the brand name. However, the ...

Dumping Trump’s Plan

Sarah O’Hazo, Geoffrey Gelorme, Jack Nepomuceno, Phillip Weingart

February 11, 2016

After the Paris attacks happened on Nov. 13, 2015, Donald Trump proposed a system that would require Muslims in America to register to be part of a database. “We have no idea who these people are,” Trump said in an interview.   In...

Why Gun Control Advocates Live in a Fantasy World

Anthony Licata

January 14, 2016

It seems like the gun control debate never dies. It remains a heated partisan issue that revives every time an attack on the homeland occurs.There should really be no debate, the Constitution protects gun owners with the 2nd Amendme...

NFL officials have been awful, and that needs to change quickly.

Jake Ferrari, Reporter

January 14, 2016

This may be hard for some of us to believe, but right now the National Football League has a problem bigger than concussions, bigger than Deflategate and bigger than Greg Hardy and Ray Rice.   It’s the officiating.   Last Su...

Lewis S. Mills is Under a Close Watch

Parker Nye, Reporter

January 7, 2016

  BURLINGTON CT - A small rural high school, Lewis S. Mills, located in the woods of Connecticut is under a tight security watch to keep the students and faculty safe. After recent history of school shootings and...

Zoolander 2 Shall Go to Theaters

Parker Nye, Nicole Dunning, Nick McGough

December 3, 2015

“Zoolander 2”, a comedy about the fashion industry was scheduled for release in February of 2016. However, due to recent boycotts over the portrayal of Benedict Cumberbatch's character, a man who dresses and acts a transgender...

Why the College Football Playoff Should be Eight Teams

Zack Tobias, Heather Williams, Adam Positano

December 3, 2015

With another college football season coming to a close, several worthy teams are jockeying for a coveted spot in the final four. Once again, many one loss teams will be snubbed from championship contention because of the curre...