• June 8Boys baseball plays in championship game Friday night

  • March 7After a lengthy battle, boys basketball took a respectful defeat

  • February 21 Boy's basketball clenches Berkshire league title

I am Marta Gil Vara, an exchange student from Spain, Europe.  I am living with a host family in Burlington. They don’t have any kids, so I don’t have siblings here. It is a very change for me, because at home we are six: my three sisters, my parents and I. You may think that I feel alone here, but the truth is that my host family is awesome. They make me feel that I am home.   One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures. I started to do it around three years ago thanks to my grandfather. He loves taking pictures too so one day we went to a sunset and he lend me his old camera. We took some pictures and I loved that. So I have to thank my grandfather that he took me that afternoon and to suggest me to keep going doing that, because without him I would not be taking pictures to the school newspaper.

Marta Gil Vara, Photographer

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