Mills Got Talent: Behind the scenes, Band ‘Too Far Too Gone’ Wins

Molli Carr, Reporter

Contestants gather in the chorus room warming up their instruments and voices. Some girls nervously apply lipstick, or fix their hair, and some guys straighten their ties. A tradition here at Lewis S. Mills arrives once again on March 6th 7-10 pm. This year there was a variety of instruments ranging from harmonica, to the soprano saxophone, to a custom LSM rap. “I’m hyped up! We have been prepping for about 2 months now, it’s going to be a good show, and a great way to support local talent here at Mills,” says senior and contestant Eric Uhl.

The Mills Got Talent competition has three judges this year: Daniel Czuchta, Elena Daniele, Nancy Wing, and Jennifer Wyzykowski. “We have so many talented kids, I’m just blown away by the acts,” says judge and Lewis Mills math teacher, Daniel Czuchta. Student council members, including seniors’ Paige Reid, Kristen Sullivan, Brenna Jacques, and Jillian Keegan, put together this event, as well as hosting the auditions and rehearsals. “We always plan these events a couple of months ahead. We usually plan the blood drive about the same time as the talent show so we keep busy! This year was a little challenging because we had to cut some acts, and because of the lack of volunteers, but in the end, we pulled it off,” says Student council member Paige Reid.

Aside from a few challenges, Mills Got Talent was a success in the eyes of the band ‘Too Far Too Gone’, who came in first place. Band members Taylor Copeland, Ed Kloczko, Zak Fitzsimmons, and Brian Dooley rocked the stage and had the audience cheering and dancing in their seats. This year there were two ties for both second place and third place. In second place, seniors’ Jake Wall and Dan Cosgrove tied against Joe Conticello, Jacob Patrone, Andre Bernier, and Tom Polizzi. The audience went wild over Jake Wall and Dan Cosgrove’s Beatbox and Rap about School. “For this next act, you will want to be sure to get this on snapchat,” said announcer Tania McNaboe before Wall and Cosgrove’s act. Tied for third place was Jacob Honig and Tori Solkowski.

“This has been a part of Lewis Mills’ tradition for a long time, it has been passed on through the generations. There used to be a Jam fest and a separate talent show, but now they have merged into one,” says Daniel Czuchta. When the show was over, and the contestants walked on stage as a group smiling from ear to ear, and waited for the results, the audience was silent and still because there was no guesses as to which act won. “All the acts were amazing. We would not want to be a judge,” said hosts Joey Calabrese and Tania McNaboe.