Acoustic Cafe: A Night of Inspiration

Alexa Majka, Reporter

The air buzzes with excitement as chatter fills the crowd and performers sit in rows dressed in black. They tap their feet and twist their hair, anxiously awaiting their turns to speak.

The acoustic café on Wednesday, April 1st celebrated the poetry of Mrs. McNaboe’s creative writing class and the music of Mr. Deeb’s jazz band. Many students, adults and teachers came to support these amazing and talented performers and listen to their intriguing poems.

“I’m nervous like everybody else, but it’s also exciting in a way because I’m sharing personal stuff,” says senior Sarah Jacobson when asked about her feelings and thoughts before her performance. Sarah read her original poem called “The Laundromat,” which she described as “a poem intended to be a story.”

Jacobson and others shared original poems while attendees snacked on cookies, brownies and other refreshments provided by members of the NHS, band parents, and Mrs. McNaboe herself.

“I wanted my creative writing students to have the opportunity to share their original poetry with the community-it makes writing more powerful,” says Mrs. McNaboe. She also notes: “I wanted them to share their inner beauty with others.”

McNaboe also explains her reasoning behind collaborating with Mr. Deeb, the band teacher. She says, “Jazz and poetry go hand in hand, and I wanted to showcase the musical aspect as well.”

Another performer, Joe Conticello, describes his unique poetic style. “My own thoughts [inspire my poetry] because every day I think of something that’s incredibly interesting and I wanted to share and show it,” Conticello says. Conticello read his poem called “Stream of Consciousness” which evoked a response of laughter and smiles throughout the crowd. His poem? Exactly that—a stream of his random thoughts compiled into one poem that somehow, surprisingly enough, all made sense in the end.

“I think it’s really inspiring how each student is brave enough to get up there and pour their hearts out,” says audience member Laura Bufanda. “I might just even write a poem myself now.”
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