Lights cast new glow on Mills football


Kyle Galvin

The lights shine over the football field as crowds gather to watch the first game of Lewis Mills football season.

Kyle Galvin, Associate Editor

It is 7:00 p.m. when a crowd of people gather outside the gates of the Lewis Mills track. All around, the excitement is infectious. The ticket line is alive with chatter and the slopes of grass are filled with families on blankets, packed with legions of lawn chairs, and lined with immense groups of students from the high school. People of all age and personality, familiar faces, and friends and pupils from Region 10 dot the area. And all of it is illuminated by the rows of lights that wash the field in brightness. 

This Sept. 13 event was the first ever under the lights football game at Lewis Mills, a new tradition, and a whole new football experience. It was also the first challenge for the Lewis Mills football team this season, as they faced the formidable Bulkeley football team. Yet Mills triumphed with a huge win of 46-0, a wonderful start to the season. 

It was good, you know?” said Patrick O’Regan, a freshman at Lewis Mills. “Last year, our team wasn’t the best, but this year, we’re better than ever.” 

Jonathan DeMaio, a freshman who joined the team earlier this month, added:“This year, we actually advertised the game beforehand this year. A lot more people are showing up.” 

DeMaio attended St. Paul’s earlier this year, but he came to the first game of the season for Lewis Mills to watch the thrilling match, and is happy to have transferred back to Mills. Not only that, but this game was special because of the new addition- the giant lights. He adds that maybe putting permanent lights in the field for the long run would save money and allow for more of these night-time games.

Watching the football team play against Bulkeley was enthralling as the sun went down from the dark hills around the lights. But for the players on the field, the excitement was mixed with suspense and team spirit as they either sprinted down the grass or watched from the bench. Cade Cormier, the football captain, remarked that “The most climatic moment was Colby Nordstrom making a sweep to the outside for a huge touchdown.”  

Mark Gazdowicz, a second-string JV guard on the team, added that “It was very energetic on the field. Everyone was all excited to win their first game in over a year of football.

The game itself received an enormous amount of hype and excitement in the week leading up to it. You will probably remember the announcement that the game was coming being relayed over the P.A. system every morning for 5 days, and everybody asking one another if they were going to the big event on Friday. In addition, there were T-shirts being sold, fever cards being handed out… the entire school was abuzz. 

The fun didn’t stop there, however. The following Friday was yet another football game under the lights, against the Rocky Hill team. The final score was 29-6, giving Mills their 2nd win of the season. 

“The game was unreal. It was amazing.” Cormier says, thinking back to the first night under the lights. “Night games…are a very different atmosphere than the other games, a whole new environment to play Football in.” Cormier thinks that winning the first game of the year was excellent and exciting, and the team has been brilliant in the games this season so far.” I feel like we will exceed this year, and for the rest of the season. We have really good team chemistry, and given that we’ve done really well so far, it seems we will continue to push forward.” 

When asked what it’s like to be the captain of the football team, Cormier responded “Well, to be a captain, you must be good role model, and absolutely a cooperative teammate to lead your team to success.  

It’s an entirely different environment this year.” concludes Gazdowicz, with DeMaio nodding in agreement. “At least, that’s what everybody on the team- and in the school- is saying. 

Cormier is proud of the team’s efforts and the victories in the past months. “Well, I think we’ve trained hard, and I definitely think that we are going to continue to work hard for the rest of the season and beyond.” 

So far, the future looks bright for the LSM football team- and especially because of the glowing lights shining down in the pitch-black night. Will the team continue to forge a streak of wins this year? Whatever the season brings, we are all rooting our LSM football stars.