Sports participants score with confidence, greater success

Kayla Czaplicki, Contributing Editor

It is the bottom of the 9th inning of a tied game of 12-12. The bases are loaded and the count is 2 balls and 1 strike. The next pitch comes in and it looks like a good pitch, so you take a swing, but miss. You start to become upset but, in the background, you hear people in the stands and teammates cheering for you. Your confidence immediately surges, so when the next pitch comes in looking like a perfect pitch, you get ready, load up, and swing. You hit the ball with all your power and sprint to first base. You look out in the field and see the ball flying high in the air and see that the ball flies over the fence. The people in the stands are screaming, shouting, and cheering. You continue running to home plate where your whole team is waiting. They pat your helmet while screaming, cheering, and giving you high fives. You just won the game, and you are so confident and proud. It is a memory that you will cherish and talk about for the rest of your life. 

Sports are not only physically beneficial, but they are also helpful for developing people’s confidence and making them more successful. Playing a sport can be helpful in many ways and can have a positive impact on the lives and personalities of the athletes. Sports also improve communication and teamwork skills. Many people think that sports are just about competition and winning and losing, but they don’t realize that sports can help you learn life lessons and become successful in many parts of your life. Sports have been statistically proven to make people a healthier and better version of themselves. According to Pennsylvania State University, out of the 400 people that they interviewed, 94 percent of people had played sports at some point in their lives and 64 percent of those people had said that playing a sport had a positive impact on their success.  

Sports also help people in becoming successful. Sports can show you that even if you make a mistake, you should never give up but rather you should keep trying again until you succeed. From the article “can sports make you a better person” a freshman and dancer, Maddie Beekman, supports the idea that sports make you a better person when she said “you learn how to cooperate with all different people, and you sort of become a family. You’re always there for your teammates and they’re for you. It helps you understand different situations that you might not have before.”  

Also, if you do sports and you work hard at being successful in that sport, you may be able to get a scholarship or go to a college for your sport. There is a possibility of becoming a professional athlete and receiving a great education and career. Even though it is hard to get a scholarship for college, sports can still be beneficial in many ways in life. Many positive things can come out of a sport no matter what kind it is. Each sport can positively impact you in all different ways and they can make you more successful and confident in life. As a person who plays softball and basketball, I can say that by playing sports I have grown as a person, become more confident and built great relationships with people. It also has helped me with teamwork skills as well. So, if there is a sport that interests you, you should try it out and see if you like it because it can have a positive impact on your life, future, success and confidence.