Region 10 Players Take On A Murder Mystery

Viviana Tran, Contributing Writer

On the weekend of March 17th, Region 10 Players put on their second show of the year – this time, without all the stress, sickness, and chaos from the previous Wizard of Oz play. Well, maybe some chaos – but the kind we love.

Because, instead of the beautiful musical performances brought to us from the Wizard of Oz, a different kind of performance was being put on for us as screams reverberated throughout the entire theatre, and vibrant, exaggerated characters pranced on stage. Accusatory fingers were pointed and bodies collapsed on the stage, followed by even more screams. Characters representing the colors red, yellow, green, purple, and white all took the stage with grins on their faces, or maybe even disgust.

That’s right – Region 10 Players performed the humorous and deadly Clue, based off of the popular board game we all know and love.

The weekend was unlike any other – with hundreds of people in the audience and each and every one of them laughing at the characters and the awkward situations they found themselves in. The comedic elements were executed perfectly by the Region 10 Players and although there were many raised eyebrows in regards to the dirtier jokes, these high schoolers were able to take on the show with their heads held high and their voices more confident than ever.

Leaving one of the largest impressions on the audience was the actor who performed as the one and only Wadsworth! Cas Robbins dominated the stage with their almost five minute monologue, in which they ran from one end of the stage to the other the entire time and essentially summarized the entire play for the audience, putting on a one-man show. And not a single line was lost in the middle of the monologue. You go, Cas!

Several new actors took the stage as well – including seniors Sage Lockery as Mr. Green and Jester Conlin as Miss Scarlet, who have never performed in a Region 10 production before, and both took the breath away from the audiences with their big smiles and comedic relief.

A wonderful performance was put on by every single actor on stage and the humor never failed to put a smile on a single person’s face, making Clue one of the best plays put on by the Region 10 Players. Not only was it light, funny, and humorous, but it was also clever and riveting, as we saw our favorite characters fall to the clutches of death. It can be agreed that 2022 to 2023 has been one of the best years for the Region 10 Players, and that Clue will be a production to be remembered for the ages!