Youtuber Reviews

Youtuber Reviews

If you go out on the street and ask any teenager what they like to do on the internet, it is guaranteed about 95% of them will say YouTube. Ever since YouTube took off in 2005, the website has been gaining users and viewers globally. Not only is it entertaining, but you can even trace a superstar’s success back to their YouTube channel. Over the past few years, popular YouTube users have gotten treatment similar to stars: receiving gifts and letters from their fans, attending meet and greets, accepting awards, and even signing autographs! Some have even developed their careers off of their YouTube success. But just who are these YouTube stars? After watching numerous videos and channels on YouTube, we have reviewed some of our favorite YouTubers, and recommended them for you!

1.) Danisnotonfire – Our personal favorite on this list is Dan Howell. This 23 year old British YouTuber is inspirational, quirky and shares a flat with Phil Lester (AmazingPhil). Together they make hilarious videos, but separate from Phil, Dan also knows how to keep his audience hooked to his channel. Throughout his videos, Dan reflects on his cringe worthy moments, and the times when he absolutely failed at whatever he was doing for the entertainment of his viewers, calling it “Reasons why Dan’s a fail.” Not only is this YouTuber hilarious, and a sweetheart, but his adorable nature and witty attitude will keep you coming back to his channel again and again and again. -MP

2.) AmazingPhil – Phil Lester is an essential for YouTube fanatics. This popular 28 year old has over 2.5 million subscribers and has received 189,863,047 views on his most popular channel, AmazingPhil. Phil is from Lancashire and rose to fame making video blogs with his flatmate Dan Howell. He and Dan also starred on a comedy radio talk on BBC. Phil’s most viewed video is “Phil is not on fire 4” where Phil and Dan review random topics and goof around. The signature style of “Phan” (the combination of the names of Dan and Phil) is wearing whiskers and a cat nose drawn on with sharpie. Phil’s videos are enjoyable because he’s quirky and relatable. -CF


3.) Miranda Sings – This unique YouTuber won the hearts of millions of fans with her hilarious, outrageous, and otherwise strange attitude. From her funny voice to her strange fashion choices, her videos are always creative and made with positive energy, never failing to please. Not only is she hilarious, but she also loves her fans, or “Mirfandas”. She consistently features their generous gifts and pictures they send her in her videos, and often does something special for them, such as surprise them with a visit or even set up a camp for fans where they get to spend a few days with her. This keeps her supporters close to her heart, and touches the hearts of others everywhere.  -MP

4.) Jack Merridew – Jack Merridew is another popular YouTuber, and ironically shares a name with a character from Lord of the Flies. The 22 year old has a comedic character and is very relatable to many. He makes lots of jokes in his videos and shares many of his stories and experiences that we, as viewers, can sympathize with. One of his videos, “Draw my Life,” tells how Jack felt unnoticed and different in high school, and how he discovered who he truly was by writing. Jack is also a role model to and admired by many bullied or conflicted gay teens who can especially relate to some of Jack’s more personal videos. Overall, Jack Merridew is very passionate and is a wonderful leader in the YouTube community. -CF


5.) iiSuperwomanii – If you are looking for an “omg, that’s me!” moment to relate to, this channel is the place for you. Lily Singh is a 26 year old Canadian YouTuber who will keep you saying “omg, me too!” her videos are funny, totally relatable, and inoffensive. Her main style of videos focus on select topics or, in other words, “Types of-” videos, such as: “Types of teenagers,” “Types of enemies,” and “Types of crushes,” just to name a few. Not only is she entertaining and witty, but she also creates music videos, like “#LEH” with Humble the Poet, and many others. Lily keeps her video content fresh and updated, never being redundant with topics. -MP

6.) Wassabi productions – If you’re looking for something funny and lighthearted, this is the channel is highly recommended! Alex and Roi will keep you laughing and leave a smile on your face with their delightful videos. Their videos include: “Mad Libs,” “Truth or dare,” and their most famous episode: “Rolanda and Richard!” These clips include a great use of comedy, which has allowed them to grow from small, recreational YouTubers to more popular ones who have accumulated fans from around the globe and gained millions of subscribers. -MP

7.) ERB (Epic Rap Battles of History) – These videos are exactly what they sound like; Your favorite modern day celebrities rap battling famous historical figures! These raps written by EpicLloyd and NicePeter are funny, witty and very clever. Some examples are “Justin Bieber vs. Beethoven,” “Miley Cyrus vs. Joan of Arc,” “Hannibal Lecter vs. Jack the ripper,” and “Steven Spielberg vs. Alfred Hitchcock.”  You’ll find yourself watching these hilarious battles over and over again! One thing I love about this channel is how you can recommend future rap battles and comment on which person you think won in the battle. Aside from their publicity, their videos are high quality and extremely professional with HD picture and sound. The main actors are EpicLloyd and NicePeter, however some other YouTubers such as Jenna Marbles and Hannah Hart acted as characters in some of the battles. Be sure to tune in to this channel, and good luck keeping these raps from getting stuck in your head! -MP

8.) Rosanna Pansino – Rosanna Pansino, 30, is an actress, baker, and singer. She enjoys making cooking tutorials in a collection of videos called “Nerdy Nummies.” Some of her most recent delicacies are chocolate oreo mousse pie, chocolate video game controllers, Super Smash Bros cupcakes, and football desserts. She also makes music videos, performs various challenges, and does DIY craft tutorials. Her videos typically get 1,00,000-6,000,000 views and receive tons of positive attention. Rosanna is a bubbly and entertaining character who is very fun to watch! -CF

9.) Edbassmaster – Edbassmaster is a different type of YouTuber-a prankster. Ed sets up public pranks to test the reactions of regular civilians. His expertise includes prank calls, elevator pranks, saying comical things to innocent passerbyers, and even using props like masks. These hilarious and surprising pranks are worth the watch and will keep you on the edge of your seat. -CF


10.) Buzzfeed– Unlike some of the other YouTubers on the list, Buzzfeed is a worldwide internet media company. Founded in 2006 in New York City as a viral lab by Jonah Peretti, the company has since grown into a global media and technology company providing coverage on politics, DIY, business, and, essentially, current events. Buzzfeed has its own website where you can take fun quizzes, read up on the latest trending news, and comment. However, their YouTube videos are the most entertaining in my opinion! Buzzfeed has several channels. “BuzzfeedBlue” is the science news channel where Buzzfeed staff try out new inventions and give fun facts. “BuzzfeedViolet” is a channel that features awkward, relatable stories from the Buzzfeed cast. Some of the BuzzfeedViolet topics are “Things all tall girls will understand,” “Things all girls who struggle to get ready will understand,”and “Things all lazy guys will understand.” “BuzzfeedYellow” has hilarious social segments and fun DIYs. For example, “9 celebrity facts that sound like lies but are actually true,” “Creepy things girls do,” and “If everyone was honest at interviews” are all great videos to watch. This channel will keep you smiling and laughing and, occasionally, saying “No way!” Lastly, the home Buzzfeed channel with everything from cute pet facts to confessions of teachers has it all. This channel has something for everyone! Be sure to check it out! -MP

11.) Matthew Santoro – This 29 year old YouTuber who hails from Canada is a rising star of the YouTube world. Currently gaining tons of popularity and fans, his videos are filled with delightful and intriguing facts, which he presents in a funny way. After a failed accounting career, Matt decided to make YouTube videos, first, as a hobby. Over the years, Matt has picked up sponsors, evolving his Youtube videos from a hobby to a dream job. -MP

12.) Good Mythical Morning – Rhett and Link are an entertainment duo from Buies Creek, North Carolina, known for their online viral videos and comedy songs as well as their ten-episode TV series Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings. One of their most  popular channels, Good Mythical Morning, which is a talk-show style segment posted on weekdays, has over one billion views and over 6.3 million subscribers, making it the 83rd most subscribed YouTube channel! Their videos are fantastically made, with interesting topics, and their upbeat and funny attitude will keep you entertained. -MP


13.) CinemaSins – CinemaSins is a movie-related comedy channel created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson. This channel’s most popular and most loved videos are the “Everything wrong with…” series which offer humorous critique on some of everyone’s favorite movies. Since March 2015, CinemaSins has gained over 4 million subscribers and over 674 million video views. -MP


14.) MinutePhysics– The MinutePhysics team creates brief educational videos on a whiteboard. Their topics are physics-related and explain different complex topics in colloquial speech that even kids could understand. Their videos explain dark matter, energy, electromagnetism, the universe and various theories, evolution, and more. People can submit questions and receive a video answer from these scientists. “Is the solar system flat?” “What if the earth were hollow?” and “How many dimensions are there?” are just a few out of the vast amount of informational videos. -CF


15.) MOVIECLIPS trailers – This channel is a web start company located in Venice, CA that offers streaming videos of movie clips and trailers from Hollywood film companies such as Universal Studios, The Walt Disney companies, 20th century fox, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dreamworks, Lionsgate,etc. This channel is perfect for you if you are dying of seeing a new movie, and find yourself wanting to watch the trailer over and over again.  MP


16.) CollegeHumor- This channel is a multi-platform, millionaire business that makes comedy videos and humorous tutorials. These videos are very relatable such as “6 kid nightmares and their adult equivalent” and “How America is like a bad boyfriend” while other videos are randomly hilarious, for example, “If cats went on talk shows” and “If historical figures used pickup lines.” CollegeHumor is an extremely popular channel that will keep you laughing!  -CF


17.) SlowMoGuys- The videos of the Slow Mo Guys are pretty self-explanatory. They use high-tech cameras to capture videos which are later put into slow motion. Some of the popular videos have fascinating content such as bubbles popping, explosions, bullets fired underwater, and even smashing fruit. The photographers also experiment with macro-lenses to videotape things such as popping popcorn, insects close up, surface tension droplets, and eyes moving in slow motion. -CF


18.) Glozell- Glozell Green is a comedian and vlogger. She often videotapes herself doing popular internet challenges, for example, the cereal and milk bath challenge, the warhead candy challenge, and the octopus challenge. She also sings comically, dresses up in funny costumes, and dances for the entertainment of her fans. Glozell’s videos don’t have much of a story or meaning like some of the other vloggers do, however, I guarantee they will keep you intrigued!   -CF

YouTube is a fun, common pastime for people of all ages. In this article, we mostly covered YouTubers with comedy videos but there are so many other types of videos that can be discovered on Youtube: unexplored singers and performers, art tutorials, song lyric videos, parodies, and even just cute videos of cats! We hope you enjoyed these reviews and hope you’ll look up a few of these channels!