Patriots Haters Are Just Jealous


Zack Tobias

The New England Patriots are the greatest franchise in the NFL. Their consistency and professionalism is unmatched among their 31 counterparts. Fresh off winning Super Bowl XLIX, the Pats are out to defend their title. Ever since Tom Brady (the greatest player of all time) took the helm, the team has hoisted four Lombardi Trophies and holds the highest winning percentage in the league. This season, even after a disappointing and un-patriotic loss to the Eagles week 13, the Patriots are sitting pretty on top of the AFC East at 12-2. The Patriots have now clinched a first round bye in six consecutive seasons.  “How do the freakin’ Patriots always win?” as many opposing fans often say. It’s a combination of great ownership, exquisite coaching, and elite Quarterback play. From top to bottom, the New England Patriots are strong and it shows on the field every Sunday.

In order to analyze a team, you first need to look to the owner’s box. When Robert Kraft bought the team back in 1988, the Patriots were not all that impressive. They had been a struggling franchise for decades- never able to win a Super Bowl. After taking control, the Patriots had their first ever sell out season meaning all home games, regular season and playoffs, were sold out. That streak continues to this day. In 2002, Gillette Stadium was opened in Foxboro, Massachusetts. It is one of the premier venues in the NFL. And better yet, it was completely privately funded. Kraft, an excellent businessman, has a knack for success. He has transformed the franchise into the 6th most valuable sports team in the world with an estimated value of $2.6 billion, according to Forbes. Aside from the business aspect, Kraft is one of if not the most respected owner in the NFL. When Kraft talks, people listen. He was instrumental in the collective bargaining talks of 2011. If it were not for Kraft’s leadership, there very well may not have been a football season that year.

Beneath Robert Kraft on the totem pole of success is coach Bill Belichick. After bouncing around the league for years, Belichick finally settled in New England and immediately made an impact. He brought with him a system for a successful football team. His message is simple, do your job. Belichick’s system enables many players without exceptional talent to thrive and post big numbers. Take a player like Wes Welker, for example. Wes had been a mediocre at best as receiver for Miami before joining the Patriots. Once in New England he consistently had 120 receptions per year and became one of the NFL’s top receivers. Nobody knows the Xs and Os of football more than coach Belichick. This expertise of the game is why he has four Super Bowl titles, three coach of the year awards and a .734 winning percentage over 12 seasons coaching.

Last but certainly not least is quarterback Tom Brady. The 6th round draft pick entered the league with a big chip on his shoulder. He was motivated by all the pundits saying he could not be a successful quarterback. He stayed on the roster as a backup until starting QB Drew Bledsoe suffered an injury. Tom entered the game and never looked back. Three of his first four seasons ended with Super Bowl titles. Brady is the best player in the game, period. He has won two MVP’s one of which was a unanimous vote for the first time ever. He is the all time leader in playoff victories, third all time in passing touchdowns, first in winning percentage, first in Super Bowl appearances, the list goes on and on. Although not having outstanding athletic prowess, Brady has every intangible you could ask for. His competitiveness in unmatched. You can always find Brady yelling at his teammates to get them hyped up or screaming at them if they make a mistake. It’s this intensity that makes Brady a great quarterback. Brady is 38 but still playing at the top of his game. He hopes to play for at least another five years and if he still has Belichick by his side there’s no reason to believe the New England Patriots will slow their roll.

The New England Patriots have maintained their status as an upper echelon franchise in the NFL with amazing leadership on three fronts: Kraft in the owner’s box, Belichick on the sideline, and Brady on the field. These three have lead the Patriots through the most successful 12 year run in NFL history and show no signs of slowing down. The Patriots will hopefully be defending their Super Bowl title on Feb. 7 in San Francisco.