Taylor Swift 1989 Review


Photo: Instagram @taylorswift

Lauren Ferrari, Reporter

Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, and her first pop album, dropped on October 27th, 2014. Swift’s past four albums embraced the country genre, but Swift is ready to take over the pop music scene.  Impressively, 1989 sold over 600,000 copies in one day. The whole album was written by Swift and all the songs have an 80’s sound. This album was very well put together and includes a variety of sounds. Songs like “Style”, “Shake It Off”, and “Welcome to New York”, are faster, while songs like “Wildest Dreams”, “Clean”, and “This Love”, are slower. “Shake It Off” was the first single off 1989. This is a very catchy pop song that pipes through radio speakers all over the country.  The song is a response to comments that people have made about her.   Her second single that was released is called “Blank Space”.  This song makes fun of the perceptions that people have of her.

1989 is very different from her past albums because she switched genres.  All of her albums seemed to be gradually leading up to a pop album.  Her previous album, Red, was a combination of country and pop.  Since she was born in 1989, she was inspired by 80’s pop music. She researched music from the 80’s to prepare for this album.  Taylor Swift really captured the 80’s pop sound that she strived for.

Even if you didn’t like Taylor Swift’s country sound, people should listen to this album because it has a different and unique sound from all of her others.  1989 is a new album that captures sounds from the past and present.