Spooky Story 1st Place Winner – Getting Too Sturdy

Max Farren, Contributing Writer

Jonna and Kat were rolling across the desert highway when Jonna noticed that they were running low on gas as they passed by a station, and they agreed to refuel. Afterward, Kat pointed out a motel next-door, so they decided to stop for the night. In the motel, the woman behind the desk was doing a little dance as she polished the counter. “Hey there, pumpkin,” she said as Jonna walked in.  

“One room please,” said Jonna.  

“Sure thing!” replied the woman, handing them the keys. Strangely, on the way to the room, they saw a man hitting the griddy down the hallway. When getting room service, the lady brought the food while milly-rocking. And the cleaning lady hit the macarena as she left their room.  

“Weird,” said Kat, “Seems like everyone here really likes dancing.” 

“Yeah,” replied Jonna, “I’m gonna go walk around and see what’s going on.” 

A few hours passed without Jonna returning. Kat began to worry until finally, she heard a knock at the door. She rushed to open it but what she saw shocked her to her very core. It was Jonna, but he was hitting the fattest nae-nae she had ever seen.  

Oh my… she thought, He’s-he’s goated with the sauce! 

Behind Jonna, Kat saw that all the inhabitants of the hotel were getting positively sturdy and were beginning to surround her.  

“No…” she said feeling her arm rising, “No!” her hand formed a fist, “NOOOOOO!” Kat’s arm came down, performing a flawless whip.