Smooth Sailing



Will Hoffman, Contributing writer

Every weekday, it is the same thing for me. I wake up way too early because my school says I have to. Then, I shower, eat some oatmeal, say goodbye to my parents, then I am out and on the road. Senior year is an exciting time, in large part because I can drive to school. I love having this privilege, as I can listen to my music on the way to school and drive to school myself. The feeling of independence is present when I drive. With independence comes maturity, and as I mature, I appreciate things I would not care for at a younger age because it matters to me now.

It was an annoying car ride for the first couple minutes of my daily commute this year, though. This is because it looked like they were going to pave the roads I must take to get to school. However, the roads were just not getting paved. There were bumps made that indicated where the paving would end, and there were potholes that drove drivers crazy. Again though, there had been no action in terms of paving. While it did not affect me past the two minutes that I had to drive on the bumpy roads, it was an inconvenience in the moment. Driving on a bumpy road is like using old technology, it makes you appreciate the new stuff more than others when you have chances to use it. 

Suddenly, one morning, my world became a whole lot better. As I drove up my road, I began to hear the resounding roar of trucks at the end of the street. The day had finally come. The substantial smell of fresh pavement never smelled so good to me. To see the roads becoming jet black and to feel roads smooth as a large pink eraser was a great feeling, as I had not felt that on Taine Mountain in an eternity.

I did not realize how happy a freshly paved road would make me feel until I experienced it firsthand. I was over the moon the first time I drove on it. Even my friends noticed the change. Who would have known paving a road would make such a difference and lift spirits? It was not a pearls-before-swine situation for those who had to drive on the bumpy roads that existed before the paving. We have an appreciation for the action. 

Upon arriving home, I had to gush over the beautiful new roads. My mom was ecstatic, as well. “It is so nice,” we both could not stop saying.