Spooky Story Runner Up- She and It

Julia Caraballo, Contributing Writer

“You know I’m not supposed to be here” it stated simply 


She couldn’t stand looking at its face, merely staring blankly at the blankets pooled around her waist. Not even the putrid odor that sank deep into her floorboards and teased the mix of bile and guilt at the back of her throat could pull a reaction from her. 


“I know” she mumbled. 


“And you also know I’m a figment of your frayed mind do you not?” it pressed on.  


“…I know” Her voice carried on, broken and fragile. 


The silence that was left was stifling, yet neither dared to break it. 


She felt the mattress dip somewhere in front of her 


“This is going to eat away at you for the rest of your life” it whispered, words carried on a cloud of rancid breath. 


Her silence spoke volumes. 


“You should get some rest, pumpkin, what do I always say?” 


“…You can’t burn a candle at both ends” she says quietly. Her voice is weak and skeletal. 


The weight on mattress eased  


“Goodnight, dear”  


The air suddenly felt lighter- but the stench persisted. 


“Goodnight, Mom” She whispered to empty air. 


Somewhere underneath, a corpse settled.