Spooky Story Runner Up- Don’t Worry Pumpkin

Josalyn Munson, Executive Editors

 Grey. That was all Jules saw as she looked up at the eerie sky. It was that strange kind of night, when the clouds concealed the shimmery full moon, causing the sky to appear a tombstone grey opposed to its typical dark sky.  


Jules froze, suddenly becoming aware of the twig cluttered path she was walking on. She was so lost in the clouds that she forgot she was on her journey through the woods. Normally she wouldn’t make her journey home through the Black Root Forest, but tonight Jules decided to sneak out of her house to attend Dalton Blacks annual Halloween party. She simply could not risk being seen on the street at 2 AM, especially since her father was on patrol that night.  

For a moment Jules passed the sound of twigs cracking as her own personal trail of shame, but suddenly, she felt as if a pair of eyes were watching her. The more hyperaware she became of her surroundings, the more she noticed. She noticed how it sounded like snapping twigs was doubled. She stopped in the middle of the trail to listen.  


Jules looked down and realized the path was no longer covered in twigs but leaves instead. She began sprinting down the path, jumping over rocks and blackened tree roots. Suddenly, Jules felt something grab her foot and pull her down. As she braced herself for the harsh impact of the dirt, she was instead met with soft arms. “Don’t worry pumpkin, I got you” Jules looked up to see a gorgeous man smirking down at her. Before she could mumble out a thank you, she felt her head incased in burlap, trapping her screams from breaching the trees.